Kris Aquino reacts to Herbert Bautista’s meaningful remark

In an interview with Bautista, Saturday, August 23, he was open about their short-lived romance. He said that he and Aquino are friends. He explained that it’s better for them to be in good terms since they’re bound to cross paths now and then in politics and in the entertainment industry.

When asked if it was awkward for him when Aquino teased him of hurting feelings, Bautista was quick to answer that it was just Aquino being her, and that he doesn’t feel awkward about her punch line.

However, when Bautista was asked why Aquino seemed to take their break-up more lightly now in contrast to her very emotional statements a few weeks before, Bautista meaningfully answered that her positive outlook could be from being busy, or from having suitors. He particularly mentioned TV5 actor Derek Ramsay, raising questions on the status of Aquino and Ramsay, which were rumored to be dating.

Sunday, August 24, TV-host Kris Aquino, agreed to give her opinion regarding the comments of Quezon City mayor Herbert Bautista about her. According to Aquino, she thinks that Bautista hasn’t moved on yet from their break-up since he still talks about it and Aquino.

Aquino was proud to admit that she has moved on from their failed romance and prefers to talk about what matters in her life now. Although indirectly speaking to Bautista, Aquino added that she has kept quiet and moved on. Advising the mayor to do the same and not bother with her life anymore.

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