Dawn Zulueta denies singer Bamboo Mañalac is her sibling

Lately, rumors have been going around social media that actress Dawn Zulueta and ‘The Voice Kids’ judge Bamboo Mañalac are siblings.

In a statement released by Zulueta, it says, “In all due fairness to both my parents, Jose Fazil Tahanlangit-Taleon, and Maria Cleofe Soleta-Salman, their only children are my brother, George and I. My father, Fazil, has remarried and has two sons; the ONLY TWO HALF-BROTHERS I know, namely Jed and Josiah. Apart from all four of us, both my parents can attest to no other offsprings.”

According to Zulueta, she has “high respect” for Mañalac, and she knows that he will understand why she can’t keep mum about the spreading rumor in respect for her parents, since several “official announcements” have been released on social media.

Zulueta also asked Mañalac to release his own statement regarding this issue.

For whatever reason the gossip was started, and whoever started it, remains unknown. But for Zulueta, she appealed to those involved to clarify their resources. She also hoped that by releasing a statement, the whole issue will be put to rest.

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