Sharon Cuneta admits ‘going through a mid-life crisis’

Monday, August 18, the megastar Sharon Cuneta, used Facebook to share an emotional message to friends, fans and supporters. The message was started with a very brave yet humbling admission, “I have made mistakes that have affected all that I have worked for, bled for over the past thirty-six years.”

Ignoring that bashers may see this as an opportunity, the actress openly shared her thoughts, insecurities and feelings. Letting it all out, not caring of everyone else’s reaction.

"I became complacent." - Sharon Cuneta Internet Photo

“I became complacent.” – Sharon Cuneta
Internet Photo

In the letter, she explained how she was “going through a mid-life crisis” and that she hated herself for “being fat and staying fat.” For Sharon, hitting mid-life crisis was something she was unprepared for, and since she gained weight, roles were limited for her, sometimes confining her talents from being shown when she can do more. She admitted to have, “lost that hunger to be on top of my industry”.                                                                                                                                       Revealing that since she had everything in her personal life going  well, she had disregarded her career.

She also acknowledged how she used Twitter in responding angrily when bashers provoked her, “I was angry because I was given reason to be. I am a mother lion who will stop at nothing to defend what means the world to her. And who amongst us all is insulted and humiliated — and can claim to not be angry?”

Although regretting how she let the negativity affect her when she could have overlooked some of it and chose her battles wisely, Sharon made it clear that she was no “doormat” and that she deserves respect too.

Closing it, she thanked the people who continue to believe in her and support her, assuring everyone that she will do her best to get everything back on track, one at a time.

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