Comedian Ramon Bautista reprimanded for rude remark to Davao women

Dubbed as an “internet superstar”, TV host, actor and comedian Ramon Bautista got unwanted attention from Davao city’s officials after making a joke against their women.

In a rave party during the Kadayawan Festival, Saturday, Aug 18, the comedian called the women of Davao “hipon” or shrimp. “Hipon” is a slang term for people with nice bodies but unattractive faces in reference to how the shrimp’s head is thrown away while the body is eaten.

A call to declare "persona non grata" for comedian Ramon Bautista. Photo screengrabbed from Inday Sara Duterte's Facebook page

A call to declare “persona non grata” for comedian Ramon Bautista.
Photo screengrabbed from Inday Sara Duterte’s Facebook page

Offended, Davao city vice mayor Paolo Duterte said he informed Bautista immediately that he disrespected the women of Davao. According to him, the comedian apologized and promised to never repeat it again. Bautista went back to the stage and made a public apology after that saying his “sincerest apologies” for offending a lot of people. He also expressed his embarrassment over the incident.

However, not everyone is willing to forgive and forget that easily. It is reported that the former Davao city mayor Sara Duterte, expressed her ire by posting in her Facebook page, urging her Facebook friends who are councilors of the city to declare the comedian as “persona non grata” (an unwelcome person), saying that failing to do so is “doing a disservice to women all over”.

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