Mommy Dionisia, boyfriend Michael no problem in bed

Manny Pacquiao’s mother, Mommy Dionisia, fondly called as Mommy D, seems to have found her special someone. In an interview by ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol, 65-year-old Mommy D and boyfriend Michael Yamson radiate happiness while talking about their May-December love affair.

When asked about their families’ reaction, both of them said that they have their acceptance and that the decision was respected by both sides. In a separate interview with Anthony Taberna, boxing-champ Manny Pacquiao, said that he just wants his mother to be happy, and that he will respect her decision.

Although the couple are positive about their relationship, with the 27-year age gap, naysayers can’t help but question the motive of Mommy D’s 38-year-old boyfriend. Yamson, however, clarifies that he’s not after the money. He added that he’s a seafarer (seaman), and he’s currently looking for a job to earn his own keep.

Internet Photo

Internet Photo

The pair shares a common interest in singing. Mommy D also admitted that it was Michael’s voice that captivated her. When further probed about their sex life, the pair shyly admitted that it’s normal to happen and that everything is under control in that department.

According to the couple, they are ready for anything. Although there were no hints of settling down together soon, Mommy D hopes that this will be her “last love”. They made their relationship official on February 20 this year.

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