Alfie Lorenzo irks Mother Lily in a press con

A press conference held on Thursday, August 14, for “Somebody to Love” got a little out of hand before it started when Regal Films matriarch Lily Monteverde and talent manager Alfie Lorenzo engaged in a heated argument.

Held in the mezzanine of Imperial Palace Suites, owned by Mother Lily, the press con was a combined celebration of Mother Lily’s birthday and the movie being promoted.

The verbal spat was reportedly started when Mother Lily overheard Alfie Lorenzo calling director Joey Javier Reyes (the movie’s own director) unlucky, while talking to fellow talent manager Lolit Solis. Mother Lily, not liking his choice of words, told the talent manager to stop calling him that, especially on her place. Lorenzo, unwilling to give up on the issue, continued to bad-mouth the director making the Regal Films matriarch angrier.

Alfie Lorenzo (left), Mother Lily Monteverde (right) Internet photo

Alfie Lorenzo (left), Mother Lily Monteverde (right)
Internet photo

It was also reported that Lorenzo called the entertainment reporters poor, after Mother Lily apologized for the unsightly scene, thus escalating her anger. The tension slowly eased after Lorenzo was escorted out of the venue.

Two years ago, Lorenzo and Reyes had a rift when Lorenzo’s talent, Judy Ann Santos, accepted a role in an indie film directed by Reyes, without his permission.

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