Kim Chiu on controversial ‘PBB All-In’ tweet

Just recently, Kim Chiu received a lot of negative comments, mostly from netizens, for calling a Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) All-In housemate “lazy” and “super not deserving”.

During Kim Chiu’s contract renewal with home network ABS-CBN, reporters asked her opinion about the controversy she got involved in lately. Chiu defended herself by saying that she didn’t name the house mate she tweeted about. She also explained that freedom of speech is a “fundamental right” of all Filipinos. She stressed that like any other person, she was only voicing out her opinion in the said tweet.

Although Kim respects the negative opinions she’s receiving, she made it clear that she’s not sorry for expressing her opinion. Nevertheless, she wants to apologize to PBB All-In Fans who felt offended by her tweet.


Actress Kim Chiu expressing her opinion.    Photo screengrabbed from Kim Chiu’s Twitter page

Although Kim did not name the housemate she called undeserving to be part of the Big 4, fans of Joshua Garcia assumed that he was the one Kim Chiu’s referring to.

Chiu, when asked who she thinks deserves to be the “Big Winner”, remarked that she believes housemates Daniel Matsunaga and Maris Racal are worthy to become the winner.

Kim Chiu, who rose to fame in 2006 by winning the first teen edition of PBB, was the only housemate who emerged as the “Big Winner” without ever being nominated for eviction.

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