Single moms accepted in prestigious beauty pageant

We, Filipinos, are avid fans of beauty contests. In fact, our country is known across the globe for raising beauty queens.

This year, Miss Global Philippines, marks its entry in the beauty pageant scene in search for Filipino women who will “embody the hospitality of the Filipinos known all over the world in helping the government strengthen its tourism campaign”. Miss Global Philippines Foundation, a supporter of the country’s tourism sector, believes that beauty pageants are useful in promoting what our country has to offer.

Tourism creates much-needed livelihood opportunities for hundreds of Filipinos. It also serves as a great representation for our country.


July 18, 2014 – Miss Global Philippines press launch. Photo by

Unlike its forerunners, what makes Miss Global Philippines unique is that it “embraces both single and single mothers who possess not just beauty, but also the passion to serve and the commitment to make a difference for the Philippines and its people”.

The winner will officially represent the Philippines in the Miss Global international finals. It will be held on the Crown Princess cruise, December 19, which sails from Los Angeles, California to Mexico.

Miss Global Philippines was officially launched on June 18, 2014.

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