Ex-PBB housemate Manolo Pedrosa on returning to the ‘outside world’

In an interview with Kris Aquino on Aquino & Abunda Tonight, ex-PBB All-In housemate Manolo Pedrosa was asked about his plans now that he is the latest evictee of the famous PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) house.

According to Pedrosa, he was sad to leave the PBB house. After spending almost three months inside the house, Manolo has a lot of catching up to do now that he’s outside. One important decision to be made is about his education. Since he was in the reality show when classes started in De La Salle University, Manolo has to decide between homeschooling or applying next year. Aquino was the one who suggested the idea of homeschooling, putting emphasis on the importance of avoiding delay in education.

Dubbed as the “Wonder Son ng Quezon City”, 16-year-old Manolo Pedrosa is the youngest among his siblings. His family runs a ham business.

When asked about Fifth Pagotan who was also present during the interview, he admitted that Fifth is his only bisexual friend. Fifth’s gender preference is not an issue for him.

According to Fifth, he and Manolo are only friends. He sees Manolo as his bestfriend, a supportive and understanding one. Both are grateful to each other for remaining friends after their stint in PBB All-In.

With only six housemates remaining, PBB All-In is airing on its last two weeks.

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