WATCH: Filipino prankster cutting stranger’s cigarette, smokers pissed

A Filipino prankster from Baguio surge Metro Manila to create a prank video by cutting off the cigarette of smokers on the street. Though many of the strangers got pissed off, this prank was created to show people that they can do things outside of social norms to create meaningful change.

“I came from Baguio, and people there are not allowed to smoke anywhere. So when I came here in Manila, I didn’t get people why they kept on smoking with all this pollution going on. So I thought of creating a no smoking campaign in my own way,” Said Red Russel of Pumped Up Pranks.

“At first I was imagining things, for say, I’d get punched, or get in trouble just like the “Boom Panot” prank. But I just stayed grounded and didn’t really worry about anything that could happen, turns out, people here aren’t really aggressive. But I was really shaky and approval seeking on the first day of filming this.” Russel added.

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