Understanding Inflation And Deflation

Understanding Inflation And Deflation

If you are planning to invest your money, then the first thing you need to learn is inflation. You need to understand all about inflation and why it matters to know about inflation in managing your investment portfolio.  If you want to make money from your investments, you should know about the inflation and how to tackle it so that your portfolio shows profitability.

Inflation refers to the depreciating value of the currency unit. It means that it now takes more units of currency to purchase the same quantity of services or goods as it did earlier.  Most of the people think it has increased in the cost of the things which are necessary to survive like bread, butter, cheese, oil, shelter, medical services, clothing, etc.  You should be aware of inflation if you are into trading of currencies. If you are using the software to conduct a transaction for you, then you need not worry as this trading software will take all these parameters into account. Learn more about trading here.

Deflation refers to the situation when the prices fall. You will find both deflation and inflation in different asset class at the same time.  Both are not good for the growth of the economy when they are in extremes.  The central bank of the country takes varied steps to control both the situations.

Causes of deflation and inflation

The inflation is caused by three situations. The first situation is cost-push inflation.  This situation arises when the supply of services or goods gets restricted while the demand remains the same.  For instance, when there is a shortage of wheat, the price of wheat will shoot up. The second situation is the demand-pull situation. This situation happens when the demand outstrips supply.  The third situation arises when the money supply of a nation over expands that is too much of money chasing very few services or goods. This happens when the economy adopts too-expansive monetary or fiscal policy that creates high liquidity in the system.

Drop in demand causes the deflation.  Few people to buy the products means the businesses need to lower prices and also it can lead to a bidding war. The drop in demand for various products can be caused because of the changes in technology.  Also, it can be caused by the changes in the exchange rate.

Both the inflation and deflation can be controlled only the government intervention by changing its fiscal and monetary policies.






Legit Ways To Earn Money

Legit Ways To Earn Money

With the scarcity of jobs in the market and the fear of losing job any time, one needs to find different ways to earn money through multiple sources.  However, if you can’t find time to leave your home, you will be frustrated by finding an alternative job. However, you need not worry about stepping out and finding a job as there are numerous opportunities available to earn money sitting at home.  Below mentioned are various legitimate ways one can earn money from the comfort of your house.

Ways to earn money

Sell the unwanted stuff- There would be so many things lying around in one’s house which you will never use like kid’s toys,  electronic gadgets, out-of-fashion accessories in your wardrobe, furniture, outdoor equipment, motorcycle, etc which you no longer use.  There are various websites you could find online, wherein you can sell these unwanted items. You just need to take a picture of your item and upload in the sites; these websites will help you find a buyer. You can easily earn quick money through this option.

Online trading- This is one of the most popular alternative jobs which most people opt for.  There are various options to trade online like shares, currencies, cryptocurrencies, etc. The best part about the cryptocurrency trading is that it does not require you to have any experience in the field as it has various trading software’s which help the trader to transact.  The trader needs to login to the concerned website and enters all the details. The software has the capability to make decisions and conduct trading on the behalf of a trader using complex mathematical calculations. Read more here to learn about the services offered them to earn big money quickly.

Sell your creativity- If you have a talent to create beautiful things like jewelry, handicraft, etc, you could easily make money sitting at your house.  The growing demands for homemade products are never going to stop in near future. You can take advantage of these demands and sell the products online.  You will be surprised to find how many buyers you are going to get for your products. You could even take it up as a full-time job. Apart from selling your products, you can even conduct tutorial classes wherein you can teach people how to create those items. There will be people ready to pay you to learn things from you.

Types Of Cryptocurrencies Widely Traded

Types Of Cryptocurrencies Widely Traded

There are many types of widely used cryptocurrencies.  Let us have a detailed view of the same:


Bitcoin was the first and foremost cryptocurrency used.  It was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and released as open source in the year 2009. Bitcoins are traded without using intermediaries.


Litecoin was released in 2011.  It was created by Charlie Lee, an MIT graduate who formerly worked as a Google engineer.  It has a faster block generation rate than bitcoin and hence the transaction confirmation is faster.


Ethereum was launched in the year 2015.  It uses a cryptographic token called Ether.  Ether is sought by many digital currency developers to develop and run applications in Ethereum.  In 2016 Ethereum was divided into Ethereum and Ethereum classic.


Zcash defines itself as ‘If bitcoin is HTTP for money, https is zcash’.  It was launched in 2016.  It has extra security provisions and offers ‘shielded transactions’ to its users.


The secret version of Bitcoin is known as Dash.  It was launched in 2014.  It was developed by Evan Duffield.  It became very popular in a short span of time.


It was launched in 2012.  It offers low-cost international payments.  It does not require mining which remains its successful unique feature.  Thus it reduces computing and network usage.


Monero was launched in 2012 as an untraceable currency. It uses a special technology called ‘ Ring signatures’ for ensuring complete privacy and security of the user. Initially, it was community-driven and donation based.  But later the usage was linked to more criminal operations.

Bitcoin Cash:

In the world of cryptocurrency frequent arguments and debates between miners and developers burst.  One such debate led to the formation of Bitcoin cash.  It is a copy of bitcoin with slight changes in the code of bitcoin.


Neo was introduced in 2014.  Initially, it was known as Antshares.  Later it was rebranded as Neo by Da Hongfei. It was introduced from China and known as ‘Chinese Ethereum’.  It supports many of existing programming languages.  It has a positive relationship with the Chinese government.



One of the co-founders of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, launched Cardano in 2017.  It was introduced with the aim to reduce international payment processing time.


It was launched in 2017 by Dan Larimer.  Earlier Larimer founded a digital currency exchange as well as Steemit, which is a blockchain based social media platform



Here Is How My Trading Journey Began With A Bang

Here Is How My Trading Journey Began With A Bang


I belong to the generation that wonders if anything online is just worth it!

I have seen my sons and grandsons going gaga over the black boxes and so excited when a new application is introduced and I used to wonder in my heart if it deserved all the adulation at all.

In fact, I used to advocate strongly the good old ways of doing it instead of logging on to an invisible web of information and making known to the entire world all the personal details.


I thought all the entities on the internet were only there to steal all vital information from their customers and one day too soon people would realize that they walked into it too soon and that it was only a trap!

I am a cynic, but that is a different story, smiles*

It was almost time for my retirement from active service and I was beginning to get jittery about the bulk of the time that I would have to myself. I have been a people’s man all through my life and I love company. But the thought of staying isolated with nothing concrete to do frighten me so much that I was already doing my research on how to keep myself busy once there!

Trading, yes!

A grandson who was watching Netflix came over for a stay and was asking me if I knew online trading existed. When I told him I was never interested in anything online leave aside trading, he took it upon himself to initiate me!

I was a bad student but he was persistent:

My prejudices were not enough to put him off and he taught me trading with a vengeance. We decided for learning purposes to start a forex trading account on one of the Crypto-robots because that was close to my heart and a big part of my career.

Trading was indeed worth the effort!

The mind is indeed like a parachute; it works only when it is open!

I was impressed with online trading and in less than a week I was trading and profiteering like a pro.

I was excited that I had found a new way of investing my hard earned money. But more than that I was excited that there was something that would keep me occupied post-retirement.

Have you checked out online trading yet? You must.

Here Is My Account Of How I Came To Become An Online Trader

Here Is My Account Of How I Came To Become An Online Trader


Destiny keeps strange ways:

I was looking at various options to start earning right after my graduation. My student loan was waiting to be paid up and I had a few personal commitments to meet. I knew that I would have to find a steady stream of income soon or I would not be able to either support my lifestyle or begin paying back the loan.

I was working part-time in a restaurant as a waiter and I had little saving that I stashed in mutual funds. I was constantly watching my investment work for me. One day I was ecstatic that the bank had offered me cash back of ten percent on my investment. I was dancing about with the check when a roommate chipped in with her financial Gyan.

She said that the money would have doubled even in the most conservative of senses had I invested in stocks and shares.

I have dabbled in shares but I found it too hectic and working out to be able to follow and so I decided to give online trading a shot. I was under this impression that online trading would not be too different from actual trading at the exchanges!

It took a little while for the differences to seep in:

I practiced online trading on the demo account of QProfit System and soon got hooked to it. One month of practice was enough to put me on a roll. Today I invest at least thirty percent of my earning in online trading.

The more the investment the better the profits:

One thing that you must be wary about is that you must never trust software that tells you that you can earn an insane amount of profits in an illogically short period of time. This is trading, not magic! Stop believing people’s reviews and seemingly honest testimonials that will tell you that trading is a no risk preoccupation.

Trading is, in fact, fraught with risks and it is upon the trader to handle his risks:

There is a lot of legit software, it is important that the trader desirous of making a mark must in all circumstances read and re-read all that is available on the internet before placing his finger on any one software of his choice.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day. You must mull over your decision for days and weigh its pros and cons before you invest your hard earned money in it. Need we say that you need to have an unflinching trust on it next only to your own capacity to do well?

You Must Tread Softly And Be Well Read To Not Trip On To The Wrong Software

You Must Tread Softly And Be Well Read To Not Trip On To The Wrong Software


I have been scammed numerous times:

There was a time when I was very sure that binary options and trading online in all its derivatives were just not my cup of tea. There was no convincing that you could get me there again. I had lost my hard earned money to the tune of hundreds of dollars and I was thinking that I would be a fool to get back there and risk losing more money!

How wrong I was!

The problem was never with trading online per se. the problem was that I was investing my money and times in the wrong places. There are scums everywhere and the ones in this field are the ones who make the most noise to attract custom.

The genuine ones prefer to work silently while the fraudsters are the ones that make the most noise from making tall promises on big returns to almost promising new members that they would become millionaires in unrealistically little time if they opened a trading account with them.

If you are currently dealing with trading software and this is what the website is telling you at the time of funding your trading account, stop in your tracks now. There is one thing that you can do to make sure that you do not get scammed by these goons.


I must confess that when I started out, I overestimated my knowledge about online trading and transactions. I never even bothered reading on the various websites and to think that I was being smart is my greatest naivety.

However, after being bitten once, I have smartened up for good!

Whether it is trading in the online medium or actually trading at the stock exchanges, a trader cannot afford to short-change reading for his street smartness. The trader must read to keep himself abreast with the market and its dynamics. It is through reading and research that he will come to a logical conclusion. If not for anything else, it will clear a lot of cobwebs in his mind and allow him to think instinctively and practically.

My second stint at trading:

This time I was destined to be better at trading because I had read and educated myself. I knew all the signs of a scam and I could take a look at the home page and say at one glance if the program was a legit one. Don’t wait, read and decide now!


Does Your Business Need A Contingency Plan?

Does Your Business Need A Contingency Plan?

Every business, large or small, new or old, needs a contingency plan. When you are an entrepreneur, there is always a certain amount of risk associated with any kind of business. This is why you must have a contingency plan, irrespective of the size of your business. Having a contingency plan keeps you safe from unforeseen circumstances.

Let us take a look at what a business contingency plan is all about and how to create one for your business.

What is a contingency plan?

It is the alternative route that your business will have to undertake if the situation is not favorable or unfavorable situations are impending. While contingency could also mean a good thing like sudden inflow of money that was not expected but it mostly implies negative circumstances. These circumstances could affect the financial aspect of the reputation of your business. A business contingency plan will ensure that your business stays afloat and it is equipped to deal with situations of all kinds.

How to create a contingency plan?

The only two things that you require to create an effective contingency plan are planning and a good deal of research. Here are five steps that you could follow to create one for your business.

  1. Identify the key risks

Identify the key risks that could plague your business. Meet and interact with each and every team member to find out things that tend to be stagnant or a negative influence on your business. You could also hire a risk consultant to find out the potential risks.

  1. Identify the priorities

This is the second step in creating a contingency plan and it will ensure that risks are managed more effectively. Identify the resources that your organization must always have and cannot run without. These resources will remain functional despite cutting down of other.

  1. Drafting the plan

While drafting the plan, consider the resources that pose the biggest threat to the organization. Towards the end of the plan, including the smaller threats as well. The plan should also contain ways in which the normal functioning of the organization can be resumed.

  1. Live up to the plan

Keep your plan updated as and when changes are made. This will ensure that the plan is maintained and every team member is aware of their next step.

  1. Trade online

One field that can keep the influx of money consistent is trading online with the help of trading bots. This will help with the payouts even when the business is not earning enough money to do so.

Use Of Social Media For Business

Use Of Social Media For Business

Social media is the most powerful tool to make our business grow better. Because we can see many of us are using the social media accounts and we will always be busy in that too. So, if we give some advertisement about our business in social media, it will easily catch the eyes of many people and this will help us to grab some new clients and hence we can improve our business steadily. This will really make a great change to our business. It helps us in many ways for the development of our business and let us see what are those ways and how the businessmen utilize it for their growth.

  • Brand positioning:

The social media really helps us for brand positioning because when one customer starts having business with us and give out their comments on social media, it will make many of the other people to have business with us. So, we can easily make the footprint of our business products in the market. The reviews the clients give about us are the most important tool for the development. So, try to offer the clients good products and reach the maximum heights soon in the business field.

  • Sales booster:

When we give an advertisement or marketing about our products in social media, the reach will be high and the people will see it very shortly and they will like to reach us to have business with us. It will definitely help to boost up the sales and productivity. Because when the demand increases, obviously the sales will increase and when the sales increase, the productivity should increase.

  • Business partners:

When we have an account in social media, we will have a lot of friends and even many famous businessmen. We can make a conversation or chat with them and try to have a partnership with them for our business. Because business partnership helps in many ways of running a business successfully. So, use it in a correct manner and grow our business rapidly.

  • Popularity:

The popularity for our business will get increased when we social media because many clients who do business with us will give a judgment about our business in their accounts and it is definitely a bliss for us to grow better. Even the bad comment and review will teach us the ways where we are lagging and what should be done to make it perfect.


Thus conclude that social media helps us in many ways for our business but we should keep it in mind that we should never misuse it at any time.

Three Areas Of Risk In Trading Overseas

Three Areas Of Risk In Trading Overseas

While there are several advantages to trading overseas, there are also a number of risks involved. The trick of the trade is to understand the areas of risk, when they could be triggered and to have a contingency plan if the risks pose threat to your business. The first step is to know which areas are risky and what you could do to mitigate these risks.

Here are three areas that need special attention.

  1. Product risks

When a risk is posed to the products you are buying or selling then it is known as a product risk. It could range from price sensitivity to problems in product demand, issues regarding competitors and product packaging etc. If your business involves exporting of things then you must find out what the market demands and whether your products can meet those demands or not. Market research is an important aspect of exporting.

Also, keep an eye on what your competitor is up to. You could make changes to your product and prices in order to stay ahead in the competition. Your overseas business will only be productive and profitable when you also include the cost of exporting and other charges like tariffs, insurance, freight, fluctuations in the rate of exchange etc.

Yet another thing to keep in mind is the cost of transportation. This is often ignored and not taken into consideration. Later, it could end up becoming an additional cost that you never considered and pose a risk to your finances.

  1. Operational risks

Operational risks are not emphasized as much as other kinds of risks are. These risks include inefficient systems, human errors, issues in internal procedures etc. There are a few effective ways of handling operational risks and they are listed below:

  • Take a look at the process of production and ensure that it is efficient. This could include machinery, proper use of raw materials and use of manpower. This will significantly cut down costs.
  • Always have an emergency plan in place. This could include a number of things and one of those things is trading online with the help of a trading robot. This could generate profits on a daily basis and the entire system could run on an automated mode while you look after your business needs. The money that comes from the profits could help rebuild your business if it faces financial losses.
  • Have a business plan that takes into account all that you have projected for the next ten years.

What do you know about the founder of Ethereum?

What do you know about the founder of Ethereum?

Ethereum Code, the automated trading robot brings to mind the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world currently – the Ethereum.

Ethereum is a blockchain technology that creates ether the actual cryptocurrency; it is similar to bitcoin in the sense it can be used for buying and selling but there ends the similarity. Ethereum is powerful and more robust and advanced blockchain technology that can be used in a wide range of applications right from renting a car to more serious issues like overcoming corruption and delays in fund disbursement during natural calamities and disaster.

If you are worried that you are not technologically savvy then you will be happy to know that Ethereum is not restricted to only the technical or highly skillful people but is open to the public too.

Who created this interesting technology with the potential to change the world the way we know it today?

Creator of Ethereum

Unlike bitcoin whose creator is the anonymous Satoshi, there is no confusion on who the creator of Ethereum is.

Just 24 years of age, Vitalik Buterin the Russian born cryptocurrency researcher is the father of Ethereum. His innovation has a market cap of over $30 billion today with the promise of moving higher. Vitalik’s name features as one of the most successful entrepreneurs under 40.

The seed for this technology was sown in 2013 but at that point in time, the young lad did not have the required resources to turn his dreamt into a reality. But we are in the 21 century where lack of means is no more an excuse to turn your ideas to profitable realities. Crowdfunding came to his rescue and Vitalik got his capital; he completed his project by 2015.

Early Childhood

Even as a child Buterin’s skills astounded everyone. He was one of the few gifted children who can add three digits numbers in absolutely no time at all. Buterin was always interested in math, programming, and economics. He has, in fact, won the bronze medal in international Olympiad for informatics in 2012.

Role in Bitcoin Magazine

He was introduced to bitcoin when he was 17 and he never lost interest in that. He became the co-founder and leading writer for the Bitcoin Magazine in 2011. This is the first significant written work on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He has also contributed several research articles on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in several other magazines.

He has also contributed as a developer to other open source projects.