Bidding documents for anti-sub helicopter leaked, torpedo and missile required

Bidding documents specifically Section 7 which contains technical specifications of the anti-submarine helicopter for Philippine Navy currently on the bidding process was leaked in the internet.

According to the alleged bidding document, the Department of National Defense is looking for two brand new anti-sub helicopter that have the capability of loading 1800 kgs of cargo. The said aircraft must also be retractable to fit a ship’s hangar with dimension 14.3m by 9.8m by 5.6m. Also, it must be presently utilised by manufacturing country in their navy or marines, or at least by two countries in their navy or marines.

Torpedo ASW

Helicopters must be equipped with 2 torpedo launchers interchangeable with anti-surface missile launcher. It must also have a targeting and armament firing system, also, it must come with underwater sound detector. It must also be capable of executing rescue missions.

10 thoughts on “Bidding documents for anti-sub helicopter leaked, torpedo and missile required

  1. juan makabayan

    you should not reveal all this will jeopardize the military..sobrang daldal ng mga to…

  2. Puretuts

    actually may leak na sinadya. puwedeng maganda intension puwedeng sinister puwedeng tanga lang talaga

  3. dar

    Kya nga anti submarine di ba? May torpedo launcher at sonar. Paanu magbibid ang mga suppliers kung hindi sasabhin ang speculations ng bbilhin.

  4. dar

    Alangan nman secret. Sinu mgbibid n suppliers kung di alm ang specs na gsto ng DND? Hay naku nman

  5. pinoy explorer

    Ang alam ko kasi dyan, kung supplier ka at interesado ka sa bidding,kelangan bilhin ang bidding documents sa halagang 75k sa dnd..ung invitation to bid made to public yun at available sa site nila pero itong bidding docs hindi nakapost sa site nila..

  6. dar

    Pero ang torpedo at sonar sa isang antisubmarine military equipment ay hindi na secret that's why they call it antisubmarine.

  7. Orlan Borromeo Oab

    wala ng bidding sa media
    specified na lang nila ng secreto tapos bayaran sa gusto natin presyo kung sino makakaya duon tayo bumili para deliver agad

  8. Elison 'Peewee&

    Sonar have different capabilities. If China knows the capability they can easily avoid detection. And it will be useless to have a sonar.

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