Jinggoy: start Malampaya Fund scam investigation, release Napoles’ list

“Senator Guingona, time and again, has been saying that he is going to start investigating the Malampaya scam, but up to now he has not started this. He is too busy with the pork barrel (scandal) where we three senators are allegedly involved,” Senator Jinggoy Estrada said, urging Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Chair Senator Teofisto Guingona III to start Malampaya scam investigation.

“That is bigger because billions were lost here,” Jinggoy said. According to him Malampaya Fund scam is a lot more scandalous compared to PDAF scandal. Jinggoy said Ruby Tauson who is now admitted as a state witness in the Pork Scam is allegedly the mastermind in Malampaya Fund scam. Ruby Tuason was immunized against criminal liabilities in the Pork Scam but will remain defenseless in the Malamapaya Fund Scam.

Jinggoy Estrada

Jinggoy also asked Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to release the list of congressmen and senators included in the recent statement of Janet Napoles. “As long as the list remains hidden, there will always be suspicion in the mind of every Juan de la Cruz that De Lima is sanitizing the list – that only three of us senators are being targeted by the DOJ.”

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