Trillanes ready to run for president under Nacionalista

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, a former Navy Lieutenant Senior Grade said he is ready to run for a higher position in the coming 2016 national elections. He will run for the position of not lower than vice-president under the Nacionalista party headed by Manny Villar.

If Nacionalista permits, Trillanes will vie with other candidates for presidency with three major concerns: anti-corruption, peace and order, and poverty all under the framework of his party.

The senator said, “I believe that the Filipino people deserve as many alternative as they can have.” According to him voters need to see that presidential candidates are preparing not only to win but be prepared to fix and solve our country’s problems and major concerns.

Trillanes ready for presidency

According to source, Nacionalista party’s vice-presidential and presidential candidates for 2016 will be chosen from three senators: Bongbong Marcos, Allan Cayetano, and Trillanes. Trillanes said, Nacionalista will be deciding for their candidates not later than December this year.

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