Corvette from SoKor coming with intact armament, sensor system

According to Dr. Peter Paul Galvez, Department of National Defense spokesman, Pohang-class corvette from South Korea will be arriving by the end of 2014 with intact weapons and sensor system.

Pohang-class corvettes, a class of general purpose vessels operated by the Republic of Korea Navy, are equipped with 4 Harpoon missiles, 2 OTO Melara(76mm)/62 compact cannon, 2 Breda 40mm/70 cannon, 6 Mark 46 torpedoes, 12 Mark 9 depth charges. Sensors and processing systems depend on whether it is an ASW or ASUW version.


ROK Navy’s Pohang-clas corvettes are using combined diesel or gas (CODOG) type of propulsion system. Designed for modern frigates and corvettes to have a maximum speed (32 knots) that is considerably faster than their cruise speed (15 knots).

According to Republic of Korea’ Defence Minister, the donation is a small token compared with the great contribution of Filipino troops during the Korean War. All in all, PN Navy will be receiving a corvette, landing utility ship, 16 rubber boats, and computers from ROK.

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