PAF AW-109 pilots and crews to start training in Italy

Philippine Air Force (PAF) spokesperson Lt. Col. Enrico Canaya said on Friday that pilots and maintenance crews of coming eight PAF AgustaWestland AW-109 attack helicopters will start training in Italy this coming July. The group will include eight pilots and twenty-two maintenance personnel.

“They will start their training by July in Italy as part of the acquisition package,” Canaya said.

First batch of units out of eight ordered AW109 Power (armed variants) are scheduled to be delivered starting January 2015. “We are expecting delivery of eight AgustaWestland AW-109 attack helicopters starting January to July 2015,” Canaya said.

“The Philippine Air Force’s AW109 Power configuration will feature a dedicated mission package and equipment including a combination of weapon systems,” says AgustaWestland. “These aircraft will be used to perform a range of duties including homeland security, armed reconnaissance and close support.”

PAF AW109 attack

“We are committed to deliver the improved mission capabilities and high quality services the customer (PAF) deserves,” said Daniele Romiti, AgustaWestland Chief Executive Officer.

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