$40 million to boost PH maritime security for US congress approval

“This assistance will expand our support for the Philippines’ efforts to improve its maritime security and maritime domain awareness, which is a US priority,” Daniel Russel, Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs said in a US Congress panel regarding the 2015 budget request for Asia Pacific.

As promised during the visit of United States Secretary of State John Kerry last December 2013, US Department of State has requested $40 million from the US Congress for Philippine maritime security and capabilities for 2015.

“We have committed $40 million for a new initiative to improve the Philippines maritime security and maritime domain awareness,” Kerry promised last year.

Philippine Maritime Security

“The US is committed to working with the Philippines to address its most pressing security challenges, that’s why we are negotiating a strong and enduring framework agreement that would enhance defense cooperation under our alliance,” Kerry said.

“These targeted investments in our development and security assistance built on our full cadre of programming in the region ot support our crucial policy goals,” Russel said

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