Nur Misuari escaped, will join family in Middle East

Just weeks ago MNLF founder Nur Misuari was reported to be in his home town in Talipao, Sulu. However, as of today, a Philippine Star source said Misuari has already escaped the country.

According to the source he went through the southern exit using a traditional maritime route leading to the shore of Bolongan in Southern Sulawesi, Indonesia and will likely join his family in Middle East who went ahead of him to attend the holy pilgrimage to Mecca.

As MNLF leader Misuari was responsible for the attack and shut down in Zamboanga which led to death of civilians, government troops, and MNLF members. As a result, the Department of Justice filed rebellion charges to Misuari and his followers. Other cases filed were murder, illegal possession of firearms, and violation of Republic Act 9851 or the International Humanitarian Law for using civilians as human shield.

Misuari’s lawyer Rex Bugarin was asked to confirm or deny the said news but he refused to give any detail regarding his client‘s status. “I have no contact with Misuari, but if he is arrested then I will argue his case before the court,” Bugarin said. He further said that his legal service will be available the time that the arrest warrant for his client will be served.

Another person connected to Misuari, Emmanuel Fontanilla MNLF’s spokesperson also chose not to prove false or verify the said report.

Contrary to the report, Major Franco Alano from Western Mindanao Command believes Misuari is still the country. “We strongly believe that he is still here.”

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