Philippine FA-50s to appear on AFP’s 80th founding anniversary

There is a very high chance that the South Korean-made F/A-50 “Fighting Eagle” will be making an appearance during the 80th founding anniversary of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in December. Department of National Defense (DND) spokesperson Dr. Peter Paul Galvez during an interview Thursday, said, “ninety percent the (first two) F/A-50s will play a role in the coming 80th AFP founding anniversary.”

Galvez said that it is very likely that the F/A-50s will play the centerpiece of this year’s celebration.

“I don’t know whether the planes will perform a high-speed pass or not but I know the aircraft will be the centerpiece of the celebration,” the DND spokesperson disclosed.

The Philippines contract with Korea Aerospace Industries is worth Php18.9-billion.

The 12 aircraft deal was signed last February 2014.

An initial two units is expected to be delivered by December this year.