China on US-PH military agreement: Pacific Ocean should be kept pacific

At a press conference, China Foreign Ministry spokesperson Qin Gang was asked about China’s position regarding the recent visit of US President Barack Obama and the signing of EDCA.

Qin Gang

The question was:

US President Barack Obama has wrapped up his visit to Asia. What is China’s comment? The Agreement on Enhanced Defense Cooperation between the US and the Philippines allows more US military presence in the Philippines. What is China’ comment on this? Does China think it as an attempt by the US to contain China?

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson answered:

With regard to President Obama’s visit to the four Asian countries, we have expounded on our principled position on China-related issues.

We believe that relevant parties should all make positive efforts to enhance mutual trust and cooperation and promote common peace, stability and prosperity in this region, rather than the opposite. The Pacific Ocean should kept pacific be.

We also maintain that upholding peace and stability of the Asia-Pacific is in the interests of all parties of the region and requires common efforts of all. It is justifiable for people to ask that any agreement between the US and the Philippines be consistent with this principle and not at the cost of mutual trust between regional countries and regional peace and stability.

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