Grace Poe spokesman: Senator Poe supporters not paid 50 pesos

The camp of presidential candidate Grace Poe has described as “ baseless” allegations that various groups were paid to show their support for her and running mate Chiz Escudero when they filed their certificates of candidacies (COCs) at the Commission on Elections.

“There is absolutely no truth to that rumors that supporters who came to send off Senator Poe were paid Php50. The massive crowd outside the Comelec was a spontaneous gathering of supporters eager to send off Sen. Poe and Sen. Escudero as they filed their certificates of candidacies,” Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian, the newly appointed spokesman of Sen. Poe explained.

Other supporters of Grace-Chiz tandem also strongly belied the allegations noting that the groups voluntarily went to the Comelec to show their support to the tandem.

“There was no such thing. The crowd was composed of groups coming from different parts of the country that wanted to show support for Team Grace-Chiz and they would have gone there rain or shine. Some supporters distributed food they could share to other supporters but there was definitely no money involved as Senators Poe and Escudero would not have tolerated that,” said Director Don Remo of the Adopt Grace Poe Movement (AGPM).