1.3 Million active overseas Filipino voters can bring 5.2 million votes

According to Department of Foreign Affairs, Overseas Voting Secretariat (DFA-OVS), as of October 15, there are 1,301,598 active registered overseas voters ready to vote in the 2016 national elections. DFA-OVS Undersecretary Rafael E. Seguis said with the current figure, overseas voters can influence 5.2 million votes.

“Since overseas Filipinos are considered to be their family’s bread winners, it is not a stretch to surmise that each overseas Filipino can influence the vote of at least three family members,” Undersecretary Seguis said. “Thus, the 1.3 million active registered overseas voters are roughly equivalent to 5.2 million votes.”

He added that this is a game changer in Philippine politics.

Broken down by region, there are almost 550,000 active registered overseas voters in the Middle East and Africa; about 250,000 in the Americas; about 150,000 in Europe; and, 320,000 in Asia and the Pacific, while seafarers registered as overseas voters number about 30,000.