Australian organization selects 5 Philippine cities as demo sites for services

A non-government organization (NGO) based in Melbourne, Australia is working closely with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in the Philippines to develop demonstration sites for health service delivery models for adolescent key populations in five cities in the country. The selected pilot sites are Iloilo City, Cebu, Zamboaga, Davao and Quezon City with partner NGO, the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines (FPOP) Iloilo Chapter.

FPOP chapter manager Mona Diones said that Australian public health workers Bruce Parnell and Chad Hughes from the prestigious Burnet Institute are currently in Iloilo city helping in the conduct of a consultative meeting with partners and stakeholders and a training-workshop on the Development Framework for Provision of Services for Adolescents.

Burnet Institute is home to 450 medical researches and breakthroughs that aims to achieve better health for poor and vulnerable communities in Australia and internationally through research, education and public health. It is working in Africa, Oceania and Asia.

The Institute aims to develop new medical technologies for treatment, vaccine and diagnostic tools; conduct research to determine what should be applied in the field of translational research; and help to work out how new methods can work in practical situations.

Aside from Australia, its presence is felt in China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Lao People’s Republic, Myanmar, Papua, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor Leste, Vanuatu, Zimbabwe and the Philippines.

Burnet’s inputs will include participatory planning to develop frameworks for the demonstration sites; assistance with adjusting existing surveillance to ensure data can inform development and evaluation of the impact; and training for health workers who want to learn more about making their services youth friendly, specifically for young key populations.