UNA serving Bi-Hon to Philippine electorate

The opposition party United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) has formally offered the party’s vice-presidential slot to Senator Gregorio ‘Gringo’ Honasan II. “After consulting with leaders of the Party, the selection committee of the UNA hereby announces that it is formally offering to Sen. Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan the position of UNA Vice Presidential standard bearer for the 2016 elections,” UNA president Toby Tiangco said in a statement.

“Sen. Honasan brings to the tandem his long years of service and experience as a soldier and a legislator. He has championed the rights of the urban poor and farmers, and promoted the welfare of the masses, government workers, and our men and women in uniform,” Tiangco added.

Senator Honasan said he is yet to receive “the letter but I would like to ask for more time to consult my families. I cannot separate my family and my country whenever I made major decision like this.”

UNA’s presidential bet is Vice-president Jejomar Binay.

UNA’s announcement came after Senator Bongbong Marcos announced his vice-presidential bid apparently not as Binay’s running mate. “I was invited to be his (Binay) Vice-Presidential candidate,” Marcos said. “Unfortunately it would be difficult for me to tame our political differences.”