Philippine Fleet, Marine troops raid shore in Amphibious Exercise

Philippine Navy’s Philippine Fleet and Philippine Marine Corps conducted an amphibious raid simulation applying maneuver principles from the sea to transition their ready-to-fight complements to the shore last September 24, the Navy said. The simulation was held as part of five-day Fleet-Marine Amphibious Exercise with codename PAGSISIKAP 2015 held from September 22 to 27 at the shores of Cavite and waters of Manila Bay.

The Naval Public Affairs Office said the amphibious raid was a combined special operations designed to put into test, evaluate and further enhance the capability of the Fleet-Marine personnel in the conduct of an integrated attack from its initiation from the sea through naval platforms, to the insertion of troops and infiltration into the hostile terrain, to demolition raid and close-quarter combats and finally to the extraction of hostages from the enemy-laden environment.

PAGSISIKAP 2015 is the 12th iteration of the annual Fleet-Marine amphibious exercise being conducted to develop and achieve an amphibious-capable and credible force and enable the Fleet-Marine forces to assert more efficiency in the conduct of its mandated task.

It also aims to put emphasis on Naval Roles of Defensive Force Projection and Maritime Security in support for the government’s effort in securing the upcoming Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit 2015, the Navy said.