Senator Poe is a Filipino but a naturalized Pinoy – Justice Carpio

It came out on Monday in the first part of the oral arguments of the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) in the disqualification case filed against Senador Grace Poe that she is a true Filipino.

Supreme Court (SC) Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio, the current SET Chair, said that based on the 1987, 1935 and 1973 Philippine Constitution, there’s no doubt that the senator is a Filipino citizen.

Carpio explained that even though the number 1 senator in the 2013 elections is a “foundling”, she is protected by law to have a nationality.

However, Carpio clarified that Poe is a naturalized Filipino citizen because her parents are unknown as well as the one who gave birth to her.

Under the 1987 Constitution, one of the requirements to be qualified as a senatorial candidate in the country is being a natural-born Filipino citizen whoever is Filipino between the parents of the same.