US, Philippine military to conduct Amphibious Landing Exercise

American Marines together with their Filipino counterparts are set to take part in Amphibious Landing Exercise (PHIBLEX) 16 from September 21 to October 9. PHIBLEX aims to improve interoperability, increase readiness and enhance the ability to respond to natural disasters or other regional contingencies.

PHIBLEX will also enhance local infrastructure and quality of life and build upon vibrant professional and personal relationships between Philippine and U.S. Marines.

PHIBLEX 16 will include approximately 650 US service members based in Okinawa, Japan. They will be working working side-by-side with Filipino troops to conduct a command post exercise, field training exercises, amphibious operations, combined arms training, civil-military operations and humanitarian and civic assistance projects.

Bilateral Philippines-U.S. military training opportunities such as PHIBLEX 16 sustain our strong foundation of interoperability and strengthen our working relationships across the range of military operations — from disaster relief to complex expeditionary operations. All portions of PHIBLEX will also play a major role in preparation for the upcoming large scale exercise, Balikatan to take place next year.