Presidential hopefuls told not to promise the stars, moon, heaven

President Benigno S. Aquino III today appealed to 2016 presidential candidates not to promise the unreachable just to get the votes of the people. “Let us speak based on truth same as with our campaign promises,” he said in Filipino during a press conference.

“Huwag nating ipangako ‘yung langit at saka mga estrelya at saka ‘yung buwan, kung hindi naman natin talagang kayang abutin iyon,” he said adding that the people, who give the power and mandate, should be respected by providing them with the truth.

As of today, there are three presidential hopefuls who will file their certificate of candidacy on October 12 to 16, they are Senator Grace Poe, Vice president Jejomar Binay and Secretary Mar Roxas.

Poe was considered both by Binay and Roxas as possible running mate, however Poe turned out to be an election foe.

“This afternoon I received a text message from Senator Grace Poe. She thanked me for my patience and understanding in considering her as my running mate. I thanked her and wished her good luck,” Roxas said in a statement September 16.