Aquino: Alternative Mamasapano narrative baseless, irrelevant

President Noynoy Aquino today dismissed the so-called alternative narratives of what transpired during the Mamasapano Special Action Force operation. The alternative version said that Marwan’s aide killed him and cut-off his finger and gave it to SAF.

Aquino presented photos proving that the alternative version is baseless and irrelevant. One photo shows one SAF troopers beside the body of Marwan with the fingers on Marwan’s left hand still complete. The next photo showed the same SAF trooper holding the left hand of Marwan and in the act of severing the finger.

In the third photo, the SAF trooper is still present and it can be noticed that Marwan’s one finger is missing.

“It is clear from the presentation today: the SAF were there; we can no longer doubt that it was the SAF who took Marwan’s finger,” the President said speaking in Filipino. “This also means all the other accounts about the alternative narrative are baseless, and consequently have no relevance.”

“Now that the conversation about this alternative matter is done, the process of justice, especially for the fallen, can continue,” he added. “At present, there are 90 individuals who will face fair and thorough procedures for the murder of the 35 Commandos of the 55th Special Action Company, which is part of the SAF.”