China denies possible sabotage attempt on Philippine elections

China right away denied that there may be an attempt to sabotage the upcoming Philippine national and local elections in May next year. “The so-called ‘attempt by China’ to ‘sabotage’ the 2016 elections is totally groundless and a sheer fabrication,” Chinese Embassy in Manila spokesman Li Lingxao Li said in a statement.

The Chinese spokesman added that “China has always adhered to the principle of non-interference into other countries’ internal affairs. The deal on vote-counting machines is between Comelec and Smartmatic.”

The possible sabotage on Philippine elections was disclosed by Commission on Elections Commissioner Robert Lim during a hearing on government preparation for the 2016 elections conducted by House committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reforms September 16.

“Once China decides to make a trade embargo there will be no trade, so any product made in China will not be coming in the Philippines. There’s a lot of possibilities,” Commissioner Lim said.

Lim added that Smartmatic-TIM was asked to transfer its manufacturing site from China to Taiwan. “We don’t want the complications. Another reason why we want all deliveries of machines by January, because we are anticipating the release of the arbitration decision that might affect the elections. So we don’t want that, we want to avoid the complications.”