China’s position on Paracel Islands forwarded to UN

Wang Min, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, sent a position paper to United Nation’s Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon regarding the alledged Vietnamese provocations in Paracel Islands (Xisha). China also included in the note government of Vietnam’s recognition of China’s sovereignty in Paracel Islands.

“China sent the note to tell the international community the truth and set straight their understanding on the issue,” Wang said on reports.

“Vietnam had officially recognized the Xisha Islands as part of China’s territory since ancient times. This position was reflected in its government statements and notes as well as its newspapers, maps and textbooks,” the Chinese envoy added.


“Vietnam also sent frogmen and other underwater agents to the area, and dropped large numbers of obstacles, including fishing nets and floating objects, in the waters,” a paragraph reads in the position paper sent to UN which is also available in China’s foreign ministry website.

“Such actions also undermined the freedom and safety of navigation in these waters, and damaged peace and stability in the region,” Wang said.

2 thoughts on “China’s position on Paracel Islands forwarded to UN

  1. Desu

    Bat nag sign pa kayo ng UNCLOS? Agreement na pag hahatian ang dagat tas babawiin din pala

  2. joe

    That’s nice China, now how about answering the Philippine government’s memo that was forwarded to the UN regarding your encroachment of areas that are within our internationally recognized EEZ? I’m sure it won’t take much time to get a response about it.

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