Chinese destroyer spotted in Panatag shoal (Scarborough)

USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19), the command ship of US Navy 7th Fleet, had spotted two Chinese warships. In a statement the USS Blue Ridge is in the vicinity for “routine presence in international waters, with the goal of providing security and stability for all maritime nations.” They are coducting flight operations drill when they saw two Chinese warships.

“A Chinese People’s Liberation Army vessel is seen from an MH-60 helicopter assigned to USS Blue Ridge while conducting flight operations in support of maritime security operations in the South China Sea. The aircraft is part of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 12, under way with the embarked US 7th Fleet staff aboard Blue Ridge, building relationships and furthering interoperability with allies and partners in the Indo-Asia-Pacific.”

One of the two Chinese warship was clearly photographed by a US Knighthawk helicopter. Chinese warship in photo is the Lanzhou 170, a Type 052c Destroyer. It is armed with surface to surface missiles, land cruise missiles, torpedo tubes, rocket launcher, and guns.

Chinese Frigate in Panatag Shoal

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