PH counters Chinese spy in AFP

As reported in an’s exclusive, a department in Armed Forces of the Philippines managing territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea, modern communication devices are not allowed and internet connection is not available. These are all for the reason of countering any Chinese attempt to intercept military secrets especially when it has to do with West Philippine Sea.


Moreover, personnel are required to use local dialects and are not allowed to use Filipino or English to communicate. USB ports are not used, and couriers are utilized instead of email. According to Inquirer’s source even AFP is also on the lookout for traditional spies posing as businessmen, vendors or fishermen.

It was previously reported that China is using a Chinese telecommunication company, Huawei, in spying for the Chinese government. Huawei provides different telecommunication services and product like smartphones, cloud computing, data center, and wireless communication.

7 thoughts on “PH counters Chinese spy in AFP

  1. Orlan Borromeo Oab

    ZTE and HUAWEI are the same its good it did not materialize there is a divine intervention and discovered the anomalies and goodbye Phils. to the hand of the Chinese. we will pay big amount for our own misery and fall.

  2. CharlieMurphy!

    The AFP should spy on our government officials especially during elections. The "hello Garci" is just one of the many anomalies in our government. Death penalty for treason.

  3. Orlan Borromeo Oab

    beware of Chinese speaking Filipino who learn to talk our language or Chinese living here for a long time given promises to do there work pretend as businessman with financial support from the mainland that if they get the Phils.
    it will became the same as Hongkong administrative region of china will be given role as an official here off .or our Filipino official as well and that is my opinion as well my mental telepathy and analysis which some of may thinking during the past that iv observe is happening and this is where i can be able to tell by means of social media i can help and express all in my conclusion will happen in the future that i can help my country which i am concerned very much for patriotic a Filipino so be alert any suspicious move must be reported to higher authority and all being caught Chinese doing cyber crime here must not be deported and jail for life .or death penalty , they keep on coming and just change person but their system and leader are the same in mainland..The BID must be responsible for those people and maybe bribe or connive for the operation and receive promises. from china.

  4. Arthur Menil Pacis

    Yon kaya nadali ang ibang bansa ng mga tsino kasi yong nakapwisto sa loob ng bansa nila tsino, tulad ng xingapuri, maliksya, pilikpinis, tilandur at indanisya. May tumatakbo na ngang mayor sa US na chinese citizens.

  5. norman1211

    USED the old fashion way like using difficult local dialects like ILOKANO, KANKANEY, WARAY or TAUSUGS like what the US Army did in WW2….remember the movie WIND TALKERS?

  6. Comte de Gaona

    OMG…………………i am using Huawei Ascend D1…….they are spying to my secret life already…………hahaha

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