Vietnam vows to take all measures to defend its territories

Days after its announcement of drilling oil in disputed waters, China warned Vietnam not to interfere with Chinese companies’ oil drilling operation near the disputed islands in the South China Sea. It was reported that Vietnam had condemned China’s provocative actions.

US commented on the latest assertiveness of China in the South China saying that the action is “provocative and unhelpful to the maintenance of peace and stability in the region”. This is the most assertive and provocative action of China in South China Sea. China’s recent assertiveness in terms of military and economic growth alerts its neighboring countries.

Vietnam Navy

China’s foreign ministry said “relevant drilling work is totally within waters off China’s Xisha islands.”

Vietnam Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh called China State Councilor Yang Jiechi to say that deploying an oil rig accompanied by military vessels violated Vietnam’s sovereignty. However, Yang Jiechi responded saying not to interfere with China’s activities in Xisha Islands (in China) or Hoang Sa (in Vietnam).

On the other hand, Vietnam vows to protect its territory and it “will apply all necessary and suitable measures to defend its rights and legitimate interests”.

3 thoughts on “Vietnam vows to take all measures to defend its territories

  1. Ben Nery Lara

    Vietnam should shoot first then ask question later. Action speaks louder than words!!!

  2. prodigy

    Strong words for someone whos country is keeping silent while chinese are taking their islands already….

  3. CharlieMurphy!

    The most dangerous thing a country can do is to force an oil rig into a disputed territory. This will end up messy for both disputed countries as it will truly cause war. There's nothing you an do once an oil rig has started drilling oil. You can't blow it up, that would cause pollution from burning oil and massive oil spill in the ocean. Both disputed countries would lose.

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