Five Chinese ships spotted in Ayungin

While on a resupply mission for BRP Sierra Madre Troops in Ayungin Shoal, the AFP saw five Chinese ships: a survey ship, three surveillance vessel, and a frigate. The Frigate is said to be a Jianghu-V Class frigate in the said disputed area.

Usually Jianghu-V figates carry high-powered anti-aircraft guns, air and surface search radar and depth charges for anti-submarine warfare. However, early variants of these small frigates are now primarily used by China Coast Guard for coastal patrol, given the absence of gunfire control radars and obsolete missiles.

China Coast Guard

Jollibee Chicken Joy for Ayungin Troops

“For a change and to boost the morale of our troops out there, we have decided, for the first time, to include in our air re-provisioning operation packs of Chicken Joy and non-perishable products from an all Filipino-owned food chain,” Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief Geneneral Emmanuel Bautista said.

Western Command head Lt. Gen. Roy Deveraturda said, “We are doing this to remind our troops out there that we are thinking of their welfare 24/7 and at the same time, promote awareness among Filipinos that somewhere out there in the middle of an open sea, their soldiers, despite being exposed to the elements, remain dedicated in performing their sworn duties of guarding and protecting the country’s maritime sovereignty.”

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  1. rome

    don't try to fired on that supply ,chicken is in that package, and the owner of that chicken Joy is a Chinese. So don't do it.

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