US warships carrying nuclear armaments not allowed in PHL

Malacanang deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said when asked if nuclear carrying US warships will not be allowed to enter the country, “You have to draw the distinction between nuclear-capable as those carrying nuclear weapons because the distinction is very obvious in the Constitution.  What I can tell you is that the explicit guidance of the President was to make sure that the agreement and the negotiations are conducted under, with strictest compliance with our existing laws.”

USS Abraham Lincoln

Under the Philippine constitution, nuclear armaments are not allowed to enter the country, and establishing permanent foreign military presence and bases inside the territory of the Philippines is prohibited.

Valte reiterated that, “whatever negotiations take place, any agreements reached will have to be under the ambit of the 1987 Constitution, as well as the existing framework of the MDT [Mutual Defense Treaty] as well as the VFA [Visiting Forces Agreement].”

5 thoughts on “US warships carrying nuclear armaments not allowed in PHL

  1. ranliv

    That provision is outdated. If up to me we should strive for nuclear deterrent capability. Look what happen to Ukraine that gave up its nuclear weapons. The country that promise to protect it just invade part of its territory. They only respect what they fear.

  2. Mark

    get REAL people….china submarines and aircraft carriers are FREELY roaming around our territorial seas….and they ALL carry nuclear warheads…the nuclear prohibition in the constitution is MEANT only AGAINST aggression….it is NOT PROHIBITED if it is INTENDED for the PROTECTION of territory and people…because the SECURITY of the people and territory is PARAMOUNT….that is why nuclear prohibition provision was instituted PRIMARILY to PROTECT our people and country….

    besides our constitution is rigid but ALIVE it follows the dictates of the times…study your constitutional law….this is the PROBLEM if we have political leadership whose only qualification is INCOMPETENCE…. we need youthful visionary patriotic leadership..

  3. Macjash

    Change the Constitution for the benefit and for the interest of the Filipino people and for the Country's Security. And not for the interest of the some politicians!
    If this Nuclear powered Carrier can save us to any aggressor why not to enter the Philippines. We have weakest link in terms of military power here in Asia think of that.

  4. Orlan Borromeo Oab

    during the drafting of the 1987 constitution , most of the lawmakers are leaning to china rather than the Americans that's why
    most of the provisions in terms of our defense is obsolete .they are not concerned that later on now a days it will be outdated specially that china is flexing its muscle to get our territory. they have good propaganda that makes a bandwagon effect to the people and that's their way ,how good china is using our intellectual in the universities which they don't know what they are fighting for. china don't like that we have nuclear here because we are very near in their territory and easily reach and targeted deep inside china if american missile technology will be use against them, so they keep on lobbying that to the activist and our lawmakers maybe some of them without our knowledge are being paid off and finance by china , that they have formed here. they call it long protracted war. so china keep on roaming around inside our archipelago without detecting them that one day, we will be hands up that they are in our shore pointing their warheads on us.

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