Philippines arrested 11 Chinese in Spratly

In the joint efforts of Philippine National Police Maritime Group and PNP Region 4-B, eleven Chinese fishermen were arrested due to illegal catching of marine turtle (pawikan). These fishermen were arrested at Half moon Shoal in Spratly Islands, a hundred nautical miles from Palawan.

According to Police Chief Superintendent Theodore Sindac, 120 alive and 234 dead marine turtles were found in the Chinese fishermen boat.

Chinese in Palawan

As reported by a Chinese News Agency

According to report by Xinhua News Agency, China is claiming 11 fishermen to be taken by armed men near the Philippines. The fishermen were on board the Qiongqionghai 09063 when a group of armed men intercepted the said vessel, said armed men fired warning shots in the air yesterday near Half Moon Shoal.

Xinhua News Agency said the second Chinese fishing boat was lucky to have outrun another boat with armed men. The News Agency said that two vessels were sent to search for the missing fishermen but returned without finding any.

6 thoughts on “Philippines arrested 11 Chinese in Spratly

  1. Mark Louie Cyx

    The Philippines have all the rights to arrest these illegal chinese fishermans because it is our territory. These Chinks should learn how to read maps. Morever' they are doing illegal activities again catching turtles and marine resources of the Philippines. Another alibi of China that that they were sent to search for a missing fisherman. THESE 11 Chinese are spies and acting like a fisherman but in reality it is a planned operation. Thanks to our coast watch equipments. Ever move in the sea will be seen now and can easily be intercepted. Let us purchase more ahips and boats and submarines to guards our seas.

  2. rome

    Chinese usual trick to get another island that don't belong to them, bunch of liars and robbers and thief.

  3. Augustin Tiu

    These are not fishermen. alert the authorities. skin is too white. they look too urbanized.hairs nila looks like recently grown. They don't look like fishermen at all. Authorities should try to see if they are spies.

  4. Benjie Bundoc

    These so-called fishermen, which is doubtful to some extent, should be tried to the fullest extent of the law. If death penalty for spying is without reasonable doubt, then execute them.

  5. Sean Williams

    Bulukin na sa kulungan yan kahit 2 taon man lang. Mag fine sila ng tig ISANG MILLION bawat isa.

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