US troops will use 3 to 5 AFP bases, may include Camp Aguinaldo, Subic, Clark

Philippine Panel chairman for Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) said three to five PH military bases were eyed to base US military troops under the said agreement. “It is ranging from 3 to 5 AFP bases. That is not final, that is the starting discussion.”

US Navy

“Fort Magsaysay is an ideal location. It is a big area. We hold Balikatan exercises there. We are still studying it. It is for recommendation,” Batino said.

Batino refused to confirm or deny if Subic is included in the list of proposed base for US troops. However, Batino said that Subic will be the home base of two BRPs (Alcaraz, and del Pilar) acquired from US coast guard and coming fighter planes purchased from South Korea.

“The Subic project, I must emphasize, is an AFP project. The AFP is requesting for limited portions of Subic so that it can strategically locate Philippine Air Force equipment and Philippine Navy equipment.”

According to sources US is requesting for access in Clark Airfield, Subic bay, Poro Point, and Camp Aguinaldo – general headquarters of AFP. Also, US is considering to ask access for five civilian airports in Palawan, Cebu, General Santos, Laoag, and Batanes for refueling purposes.

Bases and access for Us troops will be finalized and included in the annex of EDCA.

6 thoughts on “US troops will use 3 to 5 AFP bases, may include Camp Aguinaldo, Subic, Clark

  1. Jan

    its welcome as a significant re-balance in asia pacific region to quell other country's adventurism.

  2. Rodolfo A Silva II

    With These GI Joes on our side,we can fight the chinese invaders in the spratly islands with their help!

  3. Wheng Abuyo

    let's see if these chinese again can positions their vessels on Bajo de Masinloc, before they cant do that when Subic is occupied by US, since theyre getting fired upon by US vessels…

  4. Orlan Borromeo Oab

    make panatag shoal a firing range again by american and Philippine warship so that Chinese vessel will not come to that area . from zamba
    les their target can reach Scarborough shoal and they will avoid that area and they might hit by missile sorry for them it is our place don't trespass.

  5. Ed

    Scarborough shoal used to bombing and missiles target, also canon during when US stationed in Subic base, Harrier jets used to drop bombs, also I saw lots of Harrier Jet roaming around Subic rivers, Probably replaced by F35, I heard a lot bombs drop near Subic!

  6. rome

    this is the best thing happened to the Philippines, I wish Philippines will be a 51st state of USA or again territory like Guam or take back the independent the USA give us before in July 4,1946. At the same time we will get raid of the bad politician we have there after all. And be a little Happy people & the whole world!

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