New Philippine territory oil-rich

“At anchor at Benham Bank 50-m and 2-knot currents. Trying drop cam to take a peek at bottom. All okay. A few seasick. Good weather!” said a Twitter account by a team of Scientist trying to explore the newly awarded territories as part of Philippines.

A team of scientist left Manila last Saturday, May 3 boarding a Philippine research vessel (M/V Department of Agriculture-BFAR) will explore Benham Rise, a 13-million hectare area off the coast of Aurora larger than Luzon. Led by Dr. Hildie Nacorda of University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute, the team will explore the region to gather baseline data for further exploration of potential oil, gas, and other natural resource.

Benham Rise

Department of Environment and Natural Resources claims that this newly recognize Philippine territory is oil-rich that will supply energy not only for the country but also to other countries for export. “We own Benham Rise now. This is for future Filipnos,” said Environment Secretary Ramon.

8 thoughts on “New Philippine territory oil-rich

  1. LemonCorp

    if these will be find true of oil-richness, only few rich or political individuals will benefit from it and still there will be a poor countrymen in our country.

  2. Carzray Reyes

    Let's catch this Crocodile Government!!! Go BONGBONG MARCOS for 2016!!!

  3. tilney

    Ano ka hilo.. Binagsak na nga kanya ama ang Pilipinas noon 1965 hangga 1986 nanaginip kapa gumising ka at hwag mo kmi isama sa kahibangan mo..

  4. JDerickC

    Kawawa ka naman, bulag pa rin sa katotohanan. Di kita masisisi, na brainwash ka ng media propaganda. Di ko na kelangan isaisahin pa mga ginawa ni Marcos, do yourself a favor and i-research mo na lang.

  5. papajaker

    Baka sabihin nanaman ng mga kupal na Instik na territory nila yan! hahahaha…

  6. Puretuts

    Brainwashing also goes the other way because people only want to see or hear what they want to hear/see.

  7. JDerickC

    Please tell me who from our previous presidents managed to do what Marcos did during his days? If you think Marcos was the worst president we have had, then think again. Try to look at our economic and military might then and now, and citizens were far more disciplined and afraid of the law. Indeed there was corruption but only few people did it. Now, even barangay officials does it, any government office have corrupt officials in them. Wake up Puretuts, evidence are all around you. There's no need for google.

  8. Filipino Citizen

    Pagmalaman yan ng China may oil yan dyan agad agad yan sasakupin at aangkinin tapos sabay sabi sa mundo inherited yan through historical documents…

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