Duterte’s daughter shaves hair calling for father’s presidential bid

Former Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, daughter of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte had her hair shaved in support for her father’s supporters calling for Mayor Rodrigo’s presidential bid. She posted a photo having her hair shaved saying even without money, political machinery or even having the possibility not to win she is calling her father to just do it.

“Nagpa upaw nalang ko samtang naghulat #Duterte2016 #kalboparasapagbabago #NohairWecare bisan walay kwarta, bisan way makinarya, bisan mapildi #justDUit,” she posted on Instagram.

Yesterday, Sara replied to a netizen who alleged that she is selfish for not supporting the call for her father’s presidential bid.

“Do you think a wise man and a seasoned politician will decide on the basis of my opinion,” Sara said. “You don’t know anything except what you read on facebook. Law student ka ba? Pagtuon sá ayaw cge ug facebook, gukda akoa grade sa bar ha and then maybe you can talk to me. Maybe palang na.”

Meanwhile, supporter of Mayor Rodrigo Former Governor of North Cotabato Emmanuel F. Piñol said today that “there were frantic efforts by people close to the family to save the Presidential dream.”