Netizen gets unexpected reply from Mayor Duterte’s daughter

A netizen unexpectedly got a reply from former Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, daughter of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, after the netizen told the Mayor Duterte’s daughter selfish. “Do you think a wise man and a seasoned politician will decide on the basis of my opinion,” Duterte-Carpio posted in her social networking site account.

“You don’t know anything except what you read on facebook. Law student ka ba? Pagtuon sá ayaw cge ug facebook, gukda akoa grade sa bar ha and then maybe you can talk to me. Maybe palang na,” she added.

The netizen, Yiani Lopez Laguda, in a Facebook post, told Duterte-Carpio, “don’t be that selfish to your country most especially to the supporters of your father and don’t be selfish to Mindanao. Your father is being called but you are hindering him to heed such calling. If others can make an ultimate sacrifice for their country for some selfish motives, why can’t you when in fact your father has nothing but only for the goodness and greatness of this country.”

After getting a reply from Mayor Duterte’s daughter, Yiani Lopez Laguda made an apology saying she got carried away with yesterday’s announcement of Duterte regarding his political plan. Laguda added “I was able to read an article online pointing that the biggest factor that influenced Mayor Duterte’s decision of not running for the Presidency this coming 2016 Election is Ms. Sara’s non-approval of such plan. My mistake of not verifying the authenticity of such article.”