Marcos opposes filing charges against past presidents

If he wins as vice president in 2016 national polls, Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. said he will oppose any more to file criminal cases against the President and his Cabinet after they step down from office. Answering a viewer’s question during an interview over ANC with Karen Davila, Marcos categorically said he will convince the next administration not to go after President Benigno Aquino III and his secretaries.

“Quite the contrary, I would speak out strongly against it,” Marcos pointed out. He pointed out that this kind of policy has been extremely counter-productive and divisive.

“That kind of policy, look where it’s taken us: where the lives of ordinary Filipinos have not improved because we have conducted that policy. The unity of the country has been torn apart, and without that unity, we cannot move forward,” Marcos said.

In declaring his intention to run as vice president, Marcos vowed to work towards unity of all Filipinos. “It cannot be the policy of government to do nothing but run after whoever their political enemies were before and to wreak some kind of vengeance on them,” he said.

He stressed that the executive department should not pursue a policy of going after its political enemies as this would result in disunity and polarization of the country. Instead, Marcos said the job of the Executive is to build the nation and to fix the problems confronting it.

However, Marcos clarified that if any citizen or group feels any former public official must be held answerable for any wrongdoing, they can go to court for appropriate action. Marcos is the son of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos whose 20-year regime was marred with allegations of massive corruption and abuses, resulting to the former strongman’s ouster in 1986.