Air Force receiving another C-295 military aircraft ahead of schedule: Photos surface

The Philippine Air Force will be receiving the second unit of three ordered C-295 military transport aircraft ahead of original schedule. Photos of the supposed second PAF C-295, with tail number 140, have surfaced in the internet.

The first unit, with tail number 129, was delivered in March this year.

“The remaining two aircraft will be delivered ahead of schedule during the second half of this year,” Airbus Defence and Space press manager for military aircraft Kieran Daly previously told Ang Malaya Net. According to original schedule, first unit was set to be delivered August 2015 and the second one was scheduled by March 2016, while the third aircraft was expected September 2016.

The representative from Airbus also noted that PAF will be receiving the M (military) version of C-295 as ordered by Philippines. “The remaining PAF C295s will not have winglets (W variant). It is normal for operators to order all aircraft in their fleet with the same configuration.”