Drilon: Mayor Duterte’s decision to certainly benefit Roxas

Senate President Franklin Drilon says that Davao City Mayor Duterte’s decision not to run for president will certainly benefit administration bet and Liberal Party standard bear Secretary Mar Roxas. “The platform that the party will be presenting is the daang matuwid. We are the administration and we will defend that policy,” Senator Drilon said in an interview today.

He added that the presidential race next year will possibly be between Roxas, Senator Grace Poe and Vice President Jejomar Binay.

“The field is now down to three, I assume, with Senator Poe as part of it. It is better. We are the administration. You would have two representing the opposition,” he added.

Drilon is also hoping that NPC will endorse Secretary Roxas. “The NPC is a very valuable ally in 2013 and we want to continue that in 2016,” Drilon said.