Army prepares issuance of new, improved rifles

The Philippine Army said that it is preparing to issue to its troops the newly procured and improved 5.56mm R4A3 carbine rifles from Remington. The issuance will be done as soon as the required inspections and tests are finished, the Army said in a statement.

“The Army has procured a total of 56,843 carbine rifles as part of its capability upgrade program. Out of this total procurement, 44,186 rifles are now on-hand of which 24,300 are now ready for issuance and 19,866 still has to undergo ballistic test for record purposes,” the Army said.

The ballistic test is being conducted by Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory using Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS).

According to Army, IBIS is a computer-based system which has the capability to capture, store, rapidly compare and retrieve digital images of cartridge casings (shells) and bullets for the purpose of connecting or tracing this to the guns from which these were fired.

“With these new upgraded weapons, the Philippine Army is on the right track of transforming into a modern Army that our country deserves to have,” the Army said. Procurement of the rifles is under the Revised AFP Modernization Act under RA 10349 signed in December 2012 seeking to develop a credible strategic Armed Force and the professionalization of the AFP.