US government awards Willard Marine contract to build boats for PNP Maritime Group

American builder Willard Marine was awarded by the United States Department of State a contract “to provide the Philippine National Police Maritime Group with patrol vessels equipped to conduct search and rescue operations along Philippine maritime borders,” Willard Marine said in a statement.

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According to the American firm the contract is the third time Willard Marine has been chosen to provide military vessels to the Philippines.

Willard Marine said it will provide the Philippine National Police Maritime Group with aluminum, 30-foot patrol boats with twin 480-hp engines and dual water jets, as well as 34-foot patrol boats with 600-hp engines and dual water jets.

“Gun posts will be positioned forward and aft, and the boats will display a 40oz. Polyurethane foam collar,” Willard Marine said.

President of Willard Marine Ulrich Gottschling said “we are confident that the Philippine National Police will get tremendous use of their new Willard patrol boats for many years, and we hope to provide them with additional vessels as their mission requirements grow and evolve over time.”

PNP will be provided with customized patrol craft derived from a former SeaArk Marine boat design that Willard Marine acquired licensing rights last year.

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