US Strategic Command chief: Nuclear deterrence main concern with Russia, China deploying nuclear capabilities

Nuclear deterrence is the one aspect that most people are familiar with and that is a main concern for Commander of United States Strategic Command Admiral Cecil Haney, the Pentagon reports. “We have to be aware of the fact as long as we have countries like Russia and China that have developed this kind of nuclear capability and are deploying this kind of capability,” the Admiral said in an interview at the Washington Navy Yard August 4.

Haney also emphasized that deterrence is more than nuclear weapons or even the military.

He also noted that a response may sometimes be diplomatic, economic or informational but all “are backed by sufficient military capability.”

“We are not locked into one domain thinking,” he said. “If you take on the United States of America, we will use the appropriate tools out of our kit to associate with that particular business.”

“At the end of the day, it is my job to deter a strategic attack against the United States of America and its allies,” Haney said. “And to provide the President the decision space and options if deterrence fails.”

He said that the key to deterrence is any adversary has to understand “that they cannot escalate their way out of a failed conflict.”

Among US Strategic Command’s missions are to deter attacks on US vital interests, to ensure US freedom of action, to synchronize global missile defense plans and operations and to synchronize regional combating of weapons of mass destruction plans.