Philippine Navy soon to have a new chief

The Philippine Navy (PN) will be having a new flag-officer-in-command with the mandatory retirement of PN chief Vice Admiral Jesus C. Millan next week. “In the coming days or weeks, there will be changes in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, particularly in the Navy and NOLCOM leadership,” said Armed Force of the Philippines spokesman Colonel Restituto Padilla as quoted by state media.

Selection process is now being done. “As of now, the process is happening. Appropriate recommendation for any retiring officer within the major service units are prepared at the major service levels and forwarded to the general headquarters. These recommendations are going to be deliberated on by the board of generals (BOG),” Col. Padilla said.

The BOG “is scheduled to meet anytime for the important positions that will be vacated.”

Board of Generals is composed of military’s most senior leaders, with AFP chief-of-staff as head and the vice chief-of-staff and the deputy chief-of-staff along with the heads of the Navy, Air Force and the Army as members.

The shortlist, to be created by BOG, will be going to the President through Defense Secretary Voltaire T. Gazmin.