Aquino to Binay’s ‘Gaganda ang Buhay’: ‘Edi Wow’

President Benigno S. Aquino III’s on his sixth and final State of the Nation Address (SONA), July 27, hits Vice President Jejomar Binay’s slogan ‘Gaganda ang Buhay’. He also refuted VP Binay’s allegation that the current administration is slow.

“Even if there is evidence of concrete transformation left and right, there are still those who oppose the Straight Path,” the President said in Filipino. “They say: We work slowly. They say that when they become President, without a doubt, our lives will improve.”

He added “those who are of an advanced age will probably answer this with a raised eyebrow and say “Ah, ganun?” The younger generation will simply say: “E di wow.”

“We ask, where are the details and concrete plans? How will they fulfill these promises? They say: ‘Basta’. It’s like they think they can pass off these kinds of vague answers as solutions to the problems we face,” Aquino said.

Vice President Binay vows to deliver his own SONA in due time.