Three towns in Visayas declared ‘Insurgency-Free’

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP),Philippine NationalPolice (PNP) and local government units (LGus) jointly declared three towns in Eastern Visayas as “Insurgency-Free Municipalities”. These towns were Rosario in Northern Samar, Sta. Fe in Leyte and Daram, Samar, 8th Infantry Division public affairs office chief Major Amado Gutierrez said on Monday. The declaration of Rosario took place on July 13 while Sta Fe and Daram on July 15, and 16, respectively.

The declarations of the three towns were by virtue of the Municipal Resolutions passed by their respective municipal councils.

Based on the municipal councils’ resolutions, the towns have satisfied the imperatives stipulated in the National Internal Security Plan (NISP), where the threat of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA), is already relegated to insignificant level.

An insurgency free town is a level up of towns declared as Peaceful and Ready for Further Development (PRFD) status.

The “Insurgency Free” status of the three towns mean they are free from NPA intimidation and extortion activities.

Due to these, business activities in the said towns will experience uptrend and will eventually improve their economic and financial status where the people will be the ultimate benefactors.